Sunday, January 27, 2013

sub zero

Tim just left to go pick up Will from Camp Roosevelt, where the Boy Scouts worked on their Camping merit badge. Will and another boy planned to sleep outside to satisfy some sadistic requirement, why he couldn't have done this when we lived in a more hospitable climate I don't know, but I think the low was predicted at -2F. We have been through a cold snap with highs around 0F and lows some nights down to -15F. It took me a while to figure out that I should tuck in my shirt when running, the wind just snuck fright up underneath my jacket and shirt. My poor tummy was red with cold even after taking a hot shower. I found out that skin turns sort of rubbery when exposed to such bitter cold, my mittens had to stay on even if I was sweating, to protect my hands from frostbite. 

I was so concerned that I bought the kitties a heating pad for their bed in the barn loft, finding them the next morning both curled in it, practically on top of one another in their quest to stay warm. Unfortunately, we haven't had any more snow and there isn't enough left from 2 weeks ago to ski or sled. So we have all the uncomfortable aspects of winter, but none of the perks. However, we are managing by spending lots of time quilting, knitting (Maggie's new hobby), and playing games. Before we know it the air will warm up, the grass will start growing, and the garden will be ready to plant peas. But for now we are huddled together for warmth and staying close by the fire.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to ask your opinion about the boy scouts and them maybe allowing gays to be scout leaders. Our troop in MD has decided to fold if the vote does not go against...just wanted your opinion as a strong catholic. Thanks and congrats on your running award!

kat said...

This is what I posted on the Gateway Pundit blog post about this issue:

"So where are the future alumni of the US Naval Academy, West Point, the SEAL teams and the Army Rangers going to come from if there aren’t organizations like the BSA to promote masculine, independent, rough and tough activities? Most 14 year old boys are glued to that computer screen or phone, not willing to even go outside, much less risk their lives for their country. My 3 boys are in the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts and it would be a real shame to have to pull them out if the BSA decided it was “only fair” to let homosexuals be leaders. No summer camp, no weekend campouts, I’m not risking my children’s physical and mental health just to be PC."