Saturday, July 07, 2012

reason # 567

Yesterday I stopped by the fish market to pick up a haddock and scallop casserole for supper followed by the grocery store for dessert. My total at Hannaford came to $17.76.

"How appropriate," I said. 
The cashier, a young woman said, "Huh?"
"The total bill, how appropriate that it is 1776." She still looked at me like I had 2 heads. 
"You know, the Declaration of Independence, the 4th of July," I explained.
"Oh, I never knew the year or anything," was her reply. 
And then it just slipped out, "You went to public school, didn't you?"
"Yeah, Hampden Academy."
"And that is why I homeschool my kids," I replied before I gathered up my bags and walked out. 

Too harsh, I'm sure. But I'll move hell and high water before I send my kids to a school where graduates don't know the date of the birthday of our nation.  


Anonymous said...

Harsh? I guess so! Hope you felt really smug with yourself after grilling that poor girl. As a graduate of Hampden Academy who most certainly knows the year of our country's independence, I am also insulted.

kat said...

I know that some really smart kids graduate from every public high school, including HA. However, I'm appalled that not every graduate knows the basics of American history. An educated citizen is one who is likely to be successful. What is insulting is realizing how many kids are getting an inferior education, even in good schools.