Wednesday, May 09, 2012

10 points

You could say that I'm a little competitive. Okay, you could say that I'm really competitive, but not so much that I'm desperately trying to get pregnant so this Michelle or this Michelle doesn't beat me in the "most kids under the age of 14" category. I'll just stick with wanting to win the Sub5 track club 2012 series in the middle-age ladies bracket.

Saturday was the 3rd race for the year and I was in 2nd place until the 5 mile point at which I was passed by two women. I looked at their thighs to see if they were firm or starting to wrinkle, but no matter which, I just couldn't keep up, despite Belinda Carlisle from the GoGos blasting in my ear, "Get up and GO!" I finished with a new PR in the 10K: 45:23 and was pleased that all 3 women who beat me were in their 20's and 30's. As of now I am solidly in 1st place for my age bracket and in the 2nd place for women overall. 

Charlie came in 3rd in the mile run with Maggie and Mary close behind. For being the first boy to finish he won a sombrero pinata. However, their behavior at Mass on Sunday was so awful that we have not yet celebrated his win. Perhaps by next Sunday afternoon the dreadful rain will stop and they will be good enough to deserve the 5 bags of candy it took to fill the paper hat.

Next race: Garelick Milk Run, a one mile downhill course that will be Timmy's first road race. Lots of great prizes and free chocolate milk at the finish. My goal is to beat last year's time of 6:19.  

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Michelle said...

In less than a week I'll be down to only 5 kids under 14....until the end of June-ish.

Praying for your discernment process. Please pray that God drops the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood in my lap: you know, one with several other good, Catholic, homeschool families within a short walk whose children get along well with mine and are involved in similar activities so we can carpool (aka: Eden).