Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I was formally invited by post to a Mother's Day brunch at Maggie's preschool on Thursday morning. We listened to the class sing several songs, including, "Sometimes mommies say 'don't do this', sometimes mommies say 'don't do that,' sometimes they say 'kiss, kiss, kiss.'" (So, thats what she was singing it loudly all the previous week!)
We were then waited on by our oh-so-polite children and served ham sandwiches, fruit kabobs, and desert. Finally, the teacher held up portraits and read a description, we then had to guess which Mommy was portrayed. Maggie's picture of me has a tiny shock of brown hair on top (I have long dark blond hair), green ears that stick out (my ears are very small and NOT green!), and green dots all over the face (supposed to be freckles). Her description was thus:
My mom is special because: she makes lunch!
I like it when my mom: gets me a tricycle.
My mom can do many things! I think she is best at: sewing and buying roller skates.
My mom is pretty as a: dress.
My mom is smart! She even knows: that we're bringing caterpillars in the house.
I'd like to tell my mom: "No bringing caterpillars in the house!"
Signed: Maggie
I wish you a happy mother's day and hope that you don't find any caterpillars in your laundry.

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