Friday, August 23, 2013

sewing up a storm

I thought I was beating the competition (the other ladies in my quilt guild) by bringing in this quilt to show and tell earlier this month, but then in an email I found that 2 of the ladies have finished all 3 projects, well ahead of the December deadline. 

So, this morning after Mary's riding lesson, the girls and I bought backing for my 3rd project, a star quilt I've got to baste and quilt before Christmas. I haven't been exactly slacking off, since I've already made notebook covers for the girl's teachers for gifts... 

and all 100 blocks for the school's auction quilt...

 (this is the photo from the magazine pattern, only I'm doing it in King size)

I had  thought about entering some projects in the Blue Hill Fair, but with Will starting school on Monday and the girls starting the following week, I'm a bit overwhelmed and don't really feel a strong desire to drive 2 hours round trip just to drop off quilts for judging. Instead, I'll sit on the glider with a wonderful view of fields and garden that Tim and I got for a wedding present 17 years ago and of which I finally managed to make a cushion and pillows.  

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