Thursday, March 21, 2013

isn't today the first day of Spring?

The big kids finally got their first snow days of the year Tuesday and Wednesday. Every big storm previously hit on the weekend or late enough in the day to have the roads clear by morning. So they caught up on homework, Will also prepared for Scout University this weekend, and Maggie, Timmy, and I got lost in the woods. We could have followed our tracks back, but we kept plowing through on snowshoes and skis before ending up in a hay field at the far end of our road.  Our reward was seeing the carcass of a calf that had been eaten by some predator, possibly the bald eagles I saw a few weeks back near that same spot. Yes, it was pretty gross, but Charlie was disappointed that he had declined to go with us when he heard Timmy tell all about it.

Yesterday afternoon Tim got home from work and climbed on the tractor to make some paths to the compost bin and down the hill for a really wide sled run. (Yes, those dark dots are two children climbing back up the hill)

This morning after the boys finished their schoolwork we all hit the slope for hopefully, the last day or two of sledding for the winter. After all, it is officially spring, even in Maine.

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