Friday, December 21, 2012

What homeschooling has meant to us

I have been teaching one or more of my children for 10 years now and as I look back on those hours spent sitting at the side of a child learning to add, spell, read, and write, it makes me realize how blessed we are for the gift of homeschooling.

I have taught 5 children how to decode our language and love reading so much that a trip to the library is met with the same excitement that some kids reserve for the county fair. Our tradition of purchasing a wind-up flashlight for that magical day when they are deemed "a reader" is met with eager anticipation. I'm a big proponent of letting kids read in bed and with the wind-up light I haven't had to buy batteries for them in over 5 years. The sound I can hear from their rooms is priceless, first the chirrr,chirrrr, chirrr, as the light is charged and then 15 minutes later chir, chir, chir, and then finally after another 10 minutes of reading the light dims for good since I imagine they are so tired it is impossible to wind it one time and their eyes close for the night. 

My children have been allowed to sleep in (until this year when we have to leave at 7am to get the big kids to school) and have been sick less than the average. They have had time to play outside, build stuff, play with their smaller siblings, help around the house, and learn to bake and sew. They have been able to visit museums and historical areas in 4 states and spend time exploring them in depth. They have had a consistent education despite moving 5 times in the past 10 years.

I have to say that homeschooling has been a great gift to our family and as I review the past decade, I see not only the addition of 4 precious children to our home, but a daily pursuit of knowledge that will last throughout their lifetimes.


Linda said...

While my homeschooling looks a lot different than yours ( I have an only child, not military, have only made one major move!)I have to agree that homeschooling has provided a consistent education. In fact, our move took place over a number of months, and school was the one thing that was the same for my daughter. I think it provided some much needed stability. And because her curriculum is online (Time4Learning) she could still do school if we were in our old state, our new state or somewhere in between. I am so glad that I am blessed with homeschooling, and that you have found it a great fit for your family. Happy New Year!

Janet Sedano said...

Teaching my kids to read was my favorite part of homeschooling! I have a DD with Down syndrome who also is an avid reader. I love teaching reading so much that I became a certified reading tutor, and help kids in public school who are struggling. My kids and I have always enjoyed the library...even my older ones.
Have you heard of It's a website of books/stories with homeschooled characters stories. Your family may enjoy them.
Thanks for sharing! Homeschooling has been a sweet blessing for us as well.