Friday, November 02, 2012

warm and cozy

Yesterday I washed my latest completed quilt, "Sweet Apple Crisp" a slightly enlarged version of a pattern in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, with a big glug of vinegar to prevent any leftover red dye from the flannel backing from staining the top and laid it on the floor to admire and inspect for any remaining thread that needed to be clipped.

I had to pick out several of the original leaf wreaths from the Snowball blocks, as they were not perfectly the same and this made the quilt look odd. Instead I turned them into vines with spirals that mimicked the spirals in the four-patch blocks.  For the outer border I simply quilted over the vining design on the fabric rather than superimpose a design over it. I'll take it for show and tell at quilt group on Monday and see what the ladies think. I'm pretty happy with the results and I'm sure it will keep someone's toes toasty this winter.  

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