Saturday, September 22, 2012

the whole shebang

Two weeks ago the kids and I ran in the Orono Pie in the Sky 1 mile fun run and 5K. Charlie was phenomenal with a 6:48 mile, Mary and Maggie each ran around 7 min, and Timmy brought up the rear for our crew at 7:48. I got a 5K PR with 21:38, bettering my time over last year's race by 1:17. I ran the first mile a little too fast, but my sub-6 min start didn't seem to affect me later. I won a very tasty apple pie, which I ate for breakfast every morning, heated up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

This morning, after picking Maggie up from her classmate's sleepover party, I ran a revised course for the Multiple Myeloma race and won the entire thing, male and female. Now, I'm not going to suddenly obtain an inflated ego about this, there are several big races today and tomorrow and all the real runners are in one of those. The field was pretty small and in fact, I only recognized two faces from Sub-5, but it was a nice thing to pick up a gift certificate to the sporting goods store for new running gear. 

Or maybe I'll find something nice for Mary, who scored her very first goal, in her first year of playing soccer. I was so impressed by the sportsmanship of her teammates afterwards and a few of the girls even came up to me and said how proud they were of her for her efforts. She has really come out of her shell while playing soccer, showing some aggression that my super-shy girl rarely exhibits.

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