Thursday, April 12, 2012

so stay at home moms don't work, eh?

Now that we apparently have a nominee, Mitt Romney, the Obama machine can start attacking just one candidate with guns blazing. Today's message from the President, who is failing miserably at handling his first real job, is that Ann Romney has never held a real job. Just raising 5 boys, while battling several major health issues apparently is not enough. But look at who the Democrats have as their base: welfare cheats, illegal immigrants, the dissatisfied college graduates with loads of student debt living in their parents' basements, and those who want others to pay for their birth control so they can afford beer. These are not exactly the type of folks who work from dawn to dusk taking care of or providing for their families. This attack is offensive to the core of those of us who do either of these things, because we know intimately the sacrifice involved in staying home in this age and culture.

My average day involves multi-tasking to the the nth degree: cleaning, cooking, homeschooling, dropping off and picking up of children, doing laundry, shopping, taking kids to the doctor/dentist/Scouts, wiping noses and fannies, reading aloud while keeping the older ones supervised on the computer,  mowing the grass, feeding the pets, growing a garden, balancing the checkbook, nagging teens to practice the piano... I could go on for pages at all the things I do, but that is the life I chose. I could have more status in the "world" and less grief from strangers if I worked outside the home for pay (even if I only took care of or taught other people's children) or had fewer children, but to be a mom who stays home with her large family is an unappreciated job.

I challenge any one of the Obama administration to attempt Ann Romney's or my job for 30 days and see how fast they are back in their cubicle sighing with relief at the reduction in their workload when they return to their "real job." 

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