Wednesday, July 06, 2011

my longest day of the summer

Yesterday I actually retrieved the alarm clock from the barn and set it for 6am so I would be sure not to oversleep on the first day of sailing lessons. I probably needed it more this morning to recover from the day's scheduling and activities. Needless to say, I did not get a long slow run in to clear my head.

7am: get children up, pack gear, slather up Maggie and Charlie with sunscreen. Make list of schoolwork for Will and Mary to complete at home.
8am: leave house to drive 15 miles to harbor and fill out umpteen forms.
9am: drive 2o miles to Julia Ellen's "Mom and Tot" swimming lesson.
10:30am: swing by grocery store for nappies, milk, and fruit.
11am: pull in driveway at farm to unload groceries, feed 4 children, pack another bag of sailing gear, slather up Will and Mary with sunscreen, explain to my husband that now is not a good time to chat.
11:30am: strap tired toddler back in her car seat for the 15 mile trip back to the harbor.
12 noon: sign out 2 younger children, drop off 2 older children, head home to feed Maggie and Charlie lunch and do school with him. Throw a load or 4 of wet towels and bathing suits in the wash and call Tim back. Negotiate offer on 2nd choice house with realtor.   
3:30pm: drive 15 miles back to harbor to pick up Will and Mary with the idea of dinner out, but Will begged to stay for racing until 7pm.
4pm: attempt to drive like a fiend back to pool for Charlie and Timmy's swimming lessons, but get stuck behind jerk who drives under the speed limit on the 2 lane portions, while speeding up to 70 where the road widens to allow for a passing lane. 10 minutes late to swimming.
5:30pm: back to grocery store to pick up items for potluck supper after sailboat races.
6:30pm: after a quick stop at home to make salad, put items in cooler, and grab jackets, the final trip back to the harbor (a check of my gas gauge shows a fillup is needed soon) to sit down, relax, chat with friends, and watch the children race around playing.
9pm: finally lie down after baths and turning off all the lights.

My reward?

10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

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